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How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist

An anaesthetist nurse is high quality anesthesia provider who possesses the professional training in providing the anesthesia to the patients who are undergoing the treatment of dental, medical and obstetrical procedures.

The person, who wishes to become nurse anesthetist, should be qualified in the field and should be able to solve problems quickly and also the person should be mentally strong enough to face any difficulties by staying cool and calm.

Students in the school, who are interested in pursuing their career in the field of anaesthetist nurse, should take the courses in biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, psychology, sociology and the foreign languages. The preparation starts right from the high school. The students should also give importance to the other subjects like home management and hospitality, physical education, English, computer skills and health care knowledge.

Nurse Anesthetist

Also at the college level the students who are interested in becoming the anaesthetist nurse at the very first they should secure a B.S in nursing.  Then attain the license (RN) in nursing. Also the student should have at least one year of experience in critical-care nursing. The duration of the most of the anaesthesia courses are for 24 to 36 months. The student should also possess the degree of the graduate level in the courses of anatomy and pharmacology.

To become an anesthetist nurse a student should complete an accredited ansthetist program and pass a national certification exam. The students should be renewing their nurse license every two years with proper education.

Students who are interested in pursuing their studies in the field of nursing should contact and enroll themselves with the leading and recognised institutes. You can find detailed information about nationally recognised, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) programs on our website.


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  1. While an anesthetist can be a high quality anesthesia provider, a nurse anesthetist is not a doctor nor should they mislead patients by calling themselves doctors. A doctor hold a doctorate and, in a medical setting, specifically holds a medical doctorate such as an M.D. or a D.O. and therefore has been through years more training such as 4 years of graduate school (doctorate-level), a year of internship, and an additional 3 years of anesthesia-specific training in an accredited anesthesiology training program at a University hospital. Only then can a doctor in anesthesia (an anesthesiologist) take care of patients on their own. A nurse anesthetist is a quality provider, but only has 2 years of anesthesiology-specific graduate school (master-level) and then they are out on their own taking care of patients without any additional training. I am bringing this up not as a put-down to anesthetists, but just wish not be misleading by calling a nurse anesthetist “doctor”.

  2. Hello, i am Chase Robertson. I am a highschool teenager. I have been wanting to become a CRNA since i was 10. My mom is a nurse and she is the one that told me about it in the first place. If someone could talk to me about what i should be going for as in highschool classes or college classes that would be great. My email is Thanks.

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