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Nurse Anesthetist Job Description

The job of the  nurse anaesthetist is considered to be the most important service of the all. These, mainly work in the operation theaters of the hospitals. But because of the advance nursing skills and knowledge of the techniques of anaesthesia these play a very important role in the dental clinics, emergency rooms, plastic surgery centers and in the surgical outlets. Because huge responsibilities nurse anesthetist salary is very satisfactory.

An anaesthetist nurse is the most important member in the team of the doctors who perform the surgical procedures in the operation theaters. The nurse works with the highly qualified anaesthesia medical staff while the patient is undergoing the anaesthesia process.

The doctors administer anesthesia and monitor the needs of the patients before, during and after surgery. The anaesthetist doctor (nurse) has the following duties:

1) The first and the most important duty, is to perform the complete process of assessment to the patients.

2) Also the nurse should always provide the complete knowledge and the procedure of anaesthesia to the patient before they actually perform the practice on them.

3) A nurse should be able to manage the proper preparation of the anesthesia, in advance so that there is no confusion at the time of true action.

4) The patient should be administered at regular intervals so that the process of the anaesthesia goes absolutely pain free.

5) The nurse should do proper supervision of the patient who has undergone the process of anaesthesia.

6) It is their duty to monitor the patient’s body regularly and modify the anaesthetic dosage so that the patient is able to enjoy the maximum safety and comfort.

7) Also at the end of the surgical process it is the duty of the anaesthesia nurse to update the patient’s family members about when to expect the patient will awake and what can be the possible side effects.

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