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Nurse Anesthetist Salary (CRNA salary)


The full form of CRNA is certified registered nurse anesthetists. The anesthetist nurse gets a decent remuneration. It is becoming a popular career options especially in the U.S.

The  nurse anesthetist salary  in US ranges from $100,000 to $180,000  (average annual nurse anaesthetist salary is around  $166,000). It gives the extreme monetary satisfaction to the anesthetist nurses. Nurse anaesthetist salary in coming years should be on the same level.

Sometimes, people raise questions against the salary of the anesthetist nurses. But the job of an nurse anaesthetist is worth paying that much. It’s the most challenging practice to perform and also involves the pressure of the huge responsibilities on their shoulders.

Many anesthetist nurses are given profit sharing bonuses depending on the employer’s financial status. Deserving anesthetist nurses also enjoy the benefits of commissions based on the individual performance. The salaries of these nurses differ from one another as it is based on the pattern of the pay scale.

Why are Nurse Anesthetists among the highest paying nursing professions?

A CRNA is one of the best paid nursing professions. One who wishes to gain achievements in the health care industry, for them becoming the anesthetist nurse is an excellent option. It provides them with an opportunity to work closely with healthcare professionals such as surgeons, podiatrists and other doctors.

Anyone who is interested in the field of nursing should be intelligent, able to solve problems quickly, and the most importantly should be able judge and evaluate a situation promptly. The post of the anesthetic nurse involves the lot of extra responsibilities due to this they are paid such high salary.

Before applying anesthesia on a patient, it is the duty of the nurse to explain the complete procedure of anesthesia and gain complete confidence of the patient. People have lot of respect and faith towards doctors, and it is important that people in this profession also respect the feelings of the patients.



Nurse Anesthetist Salary in 2014


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