Nurse Anesthetist

The nurse anesthetist is a professional who is responsible for giving anaesthesia to the patient. These nurse anesthetists play an important role in all kinds of surgeries dental, obstetrical etc.

The process of giving anaesthesia was first started by a set of the nurses in the United States. This set of these nurses were the first professional group to give the service of anaesthesia. The practice gained clinical acknowledgement since late 1800s.

It is documented in the medical history, that the first ever anaesthetist nurse was Sister Mary Bernard, a catholic nun. She practised the service of anaesthesia at St.Vincents hospital in Eria. This group of sisters were much disciplined in practising the procedure of anaesthesia to their patients.

These nurses performed their activity professionally and also paid complete attention towards the patient’s health while practicing the special procedure of giving anaesthesia to them.

Nurse Anesthetist

The importance of Nurse Anesthetists

It is medically proven that the anesthetists’ nurses play an important role in carrying out the special surgical procedures. The doctors closely monitor the procedure of giving anaesthesia to patients as surgical procedures are highly depended on the anaesthesia practice.

There are doctors who are especially trained in the field of anaesthesia. These doctors possess complete and correct knowledge of the anaesthesia techniques and the anaesthesia equipments.

The anesthetist nurses of late 1800’s were the first providers of anaesthetic procedure and the practise is continued even today, obviously in a more sophisticated and advanced way. It is the great benefit for the patients who do not possess the adequate energy to bear the pain at the time of the surgical operation.

The procedure of practising anaesthesia is a difficult as well as challenging job. The anesthetist nurse has several responsibilities as overdose can be fatal for the patient. The dosage depends on several factors like patient’s condition, age, pulse, Blood pressure etc. That is why nurse anesthetist salary is much higher then regular nurse salary.